About us

Amsterdam is ranked the 4th best global tech city by Savills’ Tech Cities Index 2018.
With more than 1650 tech companies, 69000 people making 13% of the local workforce, Amsterdam is the home of both large multinationals (Philips, Tesla, Netflix …) and a thriving startup ecosystem active in various sectors.
The excellent quality of life, the presence of a multicultural educated workforce, the English language proficiency and of course the historic pioneer mindset are favorable factors making Amsterdam a unique tech scene on the rise.
Entrepreneurs, developers, programmers, leaders benefit from a great network of accelerators, incubators, funders and corporates resulting in an ideal environment for ventures to develop and create value.
Because we think we all have a role to play to build a better world and that Tech is at the heart of this evolution we decided to launch TECH MAKERS … an inclusive and not-for-profit community by Tech professionals for Tech professionals.


At TECH MAKERS our mission is to bring the Tech community together to contribute to the development of technology that delivers a real impact and makes a difference to people.

Our Approach
  1. We CONNECT people so that they can create more personal bounds
  2. We INSPIRE by sharing knowledge and insights
  3. We EMPOWER by encouraging and supporting people’s initiatives and projects as much as we can
Our Principles
  • We believe in the power of the Community at the service of the individuals
  • We believe our action is valuable and we lead it with a positive mindset
  • We are convinced that Tech & Entrepreneurship can make a meaningful impact (not only business) on our society
  • We think we all have a role to play in developing and growing this ecosystem … all in our own way
  • We live in a world of actions, not just the world of ideas
  • We believe in dialogue, inclusiveness, and open minds
  • We want to be a bridge between different sides (entrepreneurs, investors, corporate, curious minds)
  • We share knowledge and insights as it is our currency and has value for everyone
  • We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, we lead the change, we transform ways of thinking and doing
  • We are not bogged down by lengthy internal policies or processes

Our Core Values

We are indipendant

We are not constrained by any political or corporate institution. We think and act freely now and we always will.

We are inclusive

We are open, respectful of all. We talk to everyone and let everyone talk to us. We are here for people first and this is already a thing for us to be together.

We are disruptors

Status quo is not our thing. We value the minds willing to change things for the better, showing new and different perspectives and we always try to think forward.

We are pragmatic

We are action-oriented, we share vision ideas but eventually, we take initiative and aim at delivering concrete value for the community. We are not stuck with processes.

We are young at heart

We are ambitious and dynamic, we think we can make a difference now and for the future but we stay humble and don’t take ourselves too seriously … most importantly we never forget to have fun.

Our Mission & Motivation

We believe that bringing the Tech community together can make a difference and be valuable for many. We want to connect people differently and create a place for more personal interactions within the community.

By our actions, we want to inspire (and get inspired by) the community to constantly favor creation and new ideas. We always try to support individual and collective initiatives as we strive to empower our people. It’s not about judging, it’s about encouraging. It’s not only about discussing, it’s about genuinely sharing. It’s not just about a minority of our group, it’s about everyone.

Because we know it takes talent, perseverance and courage to start making a change, we sit together and make sure we provide our help to those who have the will. We set our community in motion and we move forward with it.

We are Tech Makers.

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