We CONNECT people so that they can create more personal bounds


We INSPIRE by sharing knowledge and insights


We EMPOWER by encouraging and supporting people’s initiatives and projects as much as we can


About Tech Makers Amsterdam

Contribute to the development of technology that delivers a real impact and make a difference to people.


Build more personal connections in the Tech ecosystem, sharing inspiring knowledge and insights while supporting each other in an open and friendly environment

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Let’s talk about why we are willing to have fun and work together.. right??
How you can join us to launch an initiative?

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Our story

Amsterdam is ranked the 4th best global tech city byΒ Savills’ Tech Cities Index 2018.


With more than 1650 tech companies, 69000 people making 13% of the local workforce, Amsterdam is the home of both large multinationals (Philips, Tesla, Netflix …) and a thriving startup ecosystem active in various sectors.


The excellent quality of life, the presence of a multicultural educated workforce, the English language proficiency and of course the historic pioneer mindset are favorable factors making Amsterdam a unique tech scene on the rise.


Entrepreneurs, developers, programmers, leaders benefit from a great network of accelerators, incubators, funders and corporates resulting in an ideal environment for ventures to develop and create value.


Because we think we all have a role to play to build a better world and that Tech is at the heart of this evolution we decided to launch TECH MAKERS … an inclusive and not-for-profit community by Tech professionals for Tech professionals.