At TECH MAKERS our mission is to bring the Tech community together to contribute to the development of technology that delivers a real impact and makes a difference to people.


Our approach is threefold: 


  1. We CONNECT people so that they can create more personal bounds
  2. We INSPIRE by sharing knowledge and insights
  3. We EMPOWER by encouraging and supporting people’s initiatives and projects as much as we can





  • We believe in the power of the Community at the service of the individuals 
  • We believe our action is valuable and we lead it with a positive mindset
  • We are convinced that Tech & Entrepreneurship can make a meaningful impact (not only business) on our society 
  • We think we all have a role to play in developing and growing this ecosystem … all in our own way
  • We live in a world of actions, not just the world of ideas
  • We believe in dialogue, inclusiveness, and open minds
  • We want to be a bridge between different sides (entrepreneurs, investors, corporate, curious minds)
  • We share knowledge and insights as it is our currency and has value for everyone
  • We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, we lead the change, we transform ways of thinking and doing
  • We are not bogged down by lengthy internal policies or processes