Our Mission & Motivation

We are Tech Makers.Β 

We believe that bringing the Tech community together can make a difference and be valuable for many. We want to connect people differently and create a place for more personal interactions within the community.Β 

By our actions, we want to inspire (and get inspired by) the community to constantly favor creation and new ideas. We always try to support individual and collective initiatives as we strive to empower our people. It’s not about judging, it’s about encouraging. It’s not onlyΒ about discussing, it’s about genuinely sharing. It’s not just about a minority of our group, it’s about everyone.

Because we know it takes talent, perseverance and courage to start making a change, we sit together and make sure we provide our help to those who have the will. We set our community in motion and we move forward with it.Β 

We are Tech Makers.